Gardners Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church

Route 1, Box 459
(Beard Road)
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
(910) 484-4266

(Founded ca 1870)

(Formerly: The Gardners Circuit)

Gardners Chapel was founded under the leadership of the Murphys, Gardners, Underwoods, Elliotts, Spearmans and many more pioneers in the Gardners community. The first wood-frame church, built before 1870 was located not far from the present church today. The Gardners family deeded the land to the church’s trustee in 1879.

Gardners Chapel has been served by several pastors, the Reverend Carroll, Reverend Spruill and Reverend Wadell were among the first. Since that time they have had more than thirty pastors.

The Church started as a circuit church with Wesley and Mt. Hebrew and was called the Gardners Circuit. Then after 1908, the circuit was Flea Hill Circuit including Flea Hill, Gardners and Wesley. In the early 1920's only Gardners and Flea Hill remained in the circuit. Gardners became a station church in the late 1940's and started having church services every Sunday.

In 1925, under the leadership of Rev. Fairley, an annexation was added to the church. The current pastor is Rev. Mary J. Jernigan.