First Presbyterian Church

Corner of Bow and Ann Streets
P.O. Box 569
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28302
(910) 483-0121

(Founded in 1800)

Presbyterian Scots had settled in what was to become the town of Fayetteville by the mid 1700's, but it was not until 1800 that a church was organized. In 1800, Rev. John Robinson organized First Presbyterian Church which was initially built in 1816. Today a portrait of Rev. John Robinson hangs in the Historical Room and a stone tablet commemorating him hangs in the vestibule of the Church. He is credited with being the first minister of First Presbyterian.

The church was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1831. Funds were raised to rebuild and a new bell was donated. The inscription in Latin reads: "I perished in the flames that 29th of May 1831. I arose from the ashes through the generosity of friends in the Second Presbyterian Church in Troy, New York."

The current structure was rebuilt on its original walls and dedicated in 1832, and is now listed in the National Register. Some of the new features were the portico, Fuller education extension, whale oil chandeliers that hang in the vestibule and second floor alcove, a Moeller organ, chimes and communion silver. The structure is also known for its magnificent steeple. On the grounds is a sundial that is an exact duplicate of a sundial in Sir Walter Scott’s garden in England.

First Presbyterian has played a part in the formation of new congregations such as Rockfish, Highland, Spring Lake, and Village Presbyterian Churches, earning the name of "the mother church".

Today the church is under the leadership of the Rev. John Coker, Jr. He is a vibrant force in the life of the church and the community.