Camp Ground Methodist Church

4625 Camp Ground Road
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28314-1498
(910) 867-9436

(Founded in 1862)

Camp Ground Methodist Church was organized in 1862, just before the war between the states began. The Church is a monument to Methodism in the Seventy-First community. The building itself tells its history and of the old south in the years before the Civil War. The large white two-story frame building, which features the old slave gallery, stands just as it was completed a century ago. This building was planned and even under construction when the war began. The building was slowly completed during the darkest days of our nation’s history. The people of Camp Ground Community did not lose faith. They never gave up hope and the building was completed.

Soon the members of Camp Ground realized that in order to minister to the needs of the Congregation and the surrounding community, the services of a full-time pastor were needed. The Rev. James A. Auman, who had served as Charge Pastor for three years, was now its first full-time pastor.

In the sanctuary the pulpit was handmade by Mr. Ruffin Vaughn, brother of one of the founders and builders of Camp Ground. The floors and pews, all handmade, are of long leaf heart pine. The exquisite workmanship in the furniture and interior paneling of the Sanctuary denotes the love and sacrifice that went into the building of this ancient edifice.

Through the century many changes have come about, but the spiritual needs of the people are the same. Camp Ground foundation is built upon their strong faith and offer to the world – Christ, who is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.