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Arts, Language & Literature


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ABC-CLIO E-book Collection
E-reference books on history, literature, pop culture and more.

eBook and eAudioBook Help

Writer’s Lounge

Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections
A digital index of full-text poetry and drama in the following categories: Pre-1900s
African American Poetry, American Poetry, and English Poetry; The Faber Poetry
Library (20th century poets); 20th century African American Poetry, American Poetry,
English Poetry.

Mango Languages
Lean 70 languages (plus ESL) in a fun and easy way, includes an app to learn on the go

NC LIVE: Literature & Criticism
More topical resources from NC LIVE.

Automotive Repair & Driving Tests

Auto repair and service information 38,000+ vehicles.

Chilton Library
Step-by-step instructions for car or truck repair and maintenance.
Free NC driver’s license permit practice tests and other information related to getting an automobile or motorcycle license.

Employment, Business & Investing


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Brainfuse VetNow
Offers a live online assistance for veterans and families to understand and apply for benefits. Offers coaching and guidance for job hunters and those returning to school..

Business Plans Handbook
Search for a specific business plan for nearly any type of business.

Careers in Healthcare (Salem Health)
Current information on careers in healthcare.

Cypress Resume Builder
Easy-to-use résumé building tool.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
Get career advice and explore industries. Includes streaming video.

Exploring Careers for Youth

Improve Your Computer Skills

Job & Career Center

Start a Business

Morningstar Investment Research Center
Fund and stock information for in-depth research.

NC LIVE: Business Management
More business resources from NC LIVE.

Detailed directory information for millions of businesses and households.

Salem Careers
Information from Salem Press on select career fields: business, environment & conservation,
healthcare, law, criminal justice, and emergency services.

Wall Street Journal
Full text articles dating back to 1984.


Ancestry Library Edition
Unparalleled collection of resources for genealogical and historical research. Includes more than 4000 databases.

Fold 3
Research the National Archives military history records for genealogical or historical information. Allows users to create honor wall pages for specific veterans.

Heritage Quest
Research materials for tracing family history and American culture. For beginning or professional genealogists.

Historic North Carolina Digital Newspaper Collection
3.5 million pages of content from over 1,000 county newspapers in North Carolina dating back to 1751.

Local & State History Room

NC LIVE: Genealogy and Historical Maps
More historic resources from NC LIVE.


African American Studies Center
The most comprehensive collection of scholarship available online to focus on events which have shaped African American and African history and culture.

American Slavery
A collection of the life histories of former slaves in the United States compiled through nearly 4,000 interviews.

Historical New York Times
The New York Times archives from 1851 to 2000.

Historic North Carolina Digital Newspaper Collection
3.5 million pages of content from over 1,000 county newspapers in North Carolina dating back to 1751.

Infotrac Newsstand
Full text access to more than 1,100 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers, as well as thousands of images and radio and TV transcripts. Includes full text of The New York Times (1985-present).

NC LIVE: History & Biography

NC LIVE: Genealogy & Historical Maps

North American Women's Letters and Diaries
Thousands of letters, diaries and materials depicting the experiences of women from Colonial times to 1950.

Homework Help, Test Prep & College


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Biography Reference Bank
Includes biographical information about famous people, including authors and illustrators

Biography Reference Center
Biographies on both popular and key individuals.

Brainfuse - Adult Learning Center
Provides resume assistance and live online tutoring from 2 p.m. to midnight. Includes:
GED prep, 24/7 writing lab, skills building, Microsoft Office Essential Skills Series, and
24/7 Question Center.

Brainfuse -HelpNow
Offers students assistance with homework and test preparation. Includes live online tutoring
from 2 p.m. to midnight and a 24/7 Writing Lab.

An easy-to-use tool to gather background information on topics from hundreds of full-text encyclopedias, dictionaries, quotations, and subject-specific titles, as well as 500,000+ images and audio files and over 1,000 videos.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
Get career advice and explore industries. Includes streaming video.

Homeschooling Resources

Improve Your Computer Skills

Planning for College

NC LIVE: Homework Help
More homework help resources from NC LIVE.

NC LIVE: Everything NC!
Additional North Carolina resources from NC Live.

Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC)
Includes in-depth information on college, graduate programs, and scholarships along with
practice tests for college entrance exams, and professional certifications and licensing exams.

Law & Government

CQ Researcher
An account of today's issues with an overview of the subject, background, controversies and initiatives.

CQ Weekly
Complete coverage of the U.S. Congress, including status of bills, votes and amendments, floor and committee activity, and back room maneuvering.

NC LIVE: Government and Law
More legal resources from NC LIVE.

Medical & Health


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Cancer (Salem Health)
Up-to-date, easy-to-use medical information related to cancer. Select database
from drop-down menu.

Careers in Healthcare (Salem Health)
Current information on careers in healthcare.

Nursing and allied health journals and research.

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Salem Health)
Current medical information on complementary and alternative medicine.

Infectious Diseases (Salem Health)
Current medical information on infectious diseases.

Genetics & Inherited Conditions (Salem Health)
Full-text on over 450 topics in genetics and inherited diseases and conditions.

Accessibility @ Your Library

Cape Fear Valley Resource List

Community Resources

MedLine Plus

Resources for Older Adults

Resources for Soldiers and Their Families

NC LIVE: Health & Wellness
More health resources from NC LIVE.

Psychology & Mental Health (Salem Health)
Up-to-date and easy-to-use psychology and mental health medical information related.
Select database from drop-down menu.

Salem Health
Searches several medical encyclopedias published by Salem Press. Topics covered include cancer, alternative medicine, genetics, psychology, and addiction.


Chemical Elements
Information on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Science Online
All things science, including biographies of scientists, experiments, essays and diagrams on nearly any science topic imaginable.