N.C. & Cumberland County Facts

North Carolina Facts

Chronological List of Historic North Carolina Battles (PDF)
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Who’s Who in North Carolina African American History (PDF)

Cumberland County Facts

What year was Cumberland County formed? (1754)

What is the land area of Cumberland County in square miles? (661)

For whom was Cumberland County named? (Duke of Cumberland (William Augustus)

What form of government does Cumberland County have? (Board of Commissioners - County Manager)

By what name was the first group of people to settle in Cumberland County known? (Highland Scots)

How many townships are in Cumberland County? (Eleven)

How many cities and towns are in Cumberland County? (Eight)

What is the county seat of Cumberland County? (Fayetteville)

Cumberland County is located in what section of the state? (Southeast)

Which one of Cumberland's townships was formerly named Flea Hill? (Eastover)

Fayetteville Facts

Who was the first female mayor of Fayetteville? (Beth Finch, November 1975)

What 19th century artist, known for the painting "The Grand Canyon", grew up in the house known as the Woman's Club on Dick Street? (Elliott Daingerfield)

What is the oldest building in Fayetteville? (Cool Spring Tavern, 1788)

What is the tallest building in Fayetteville? (Systel Building)

What is the largest single private employer in Fayetteville? (Kelley Springfield Tire Co.)

In what year did Cross Creek Mall open? (1975)

Fayetteville was designated "All American City" in what year? (1985)

The oldest organ still in use in America is located in what church in Fayetteville? (St. Joseph's Episcopal Church)

What house was used in 1842 to board patients, making it the first hospital in Fayetteville? (Belden-Horne House)