Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

118 Johnson Street
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303
(910) 868-2770

(Founded in 1860)

Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church was founded in1860. Burton, Adeline, and Katie Moore Jones provided the land. Mount Olive consisted of many families: the Longs, McKoys, Dudleys, Butlers, Willeys, Georges, Baldwins, Montagues, Smiths, Harts, Wells, Maynors, Evans, Youngs, Carvers, McPhersons, Buxtons, and Jones’s.

In the early days the minister and the congregation were all served from the same Communion Glass. On Communion Sundays each member gave one penny to the Poor’s Collection.

During the early years the following Pastors rendered untiring services to Mount Olive’s development: Timon Council, Oliver Watkins, E. D. Womack, William Allen, J. C. Williams, George Burney, W. H. Rhone, James Smith, Lonnie Raeford, J. R. McNair, Sylvester Avery, and Edmond Council.

Then came Rev. Sandy McDonald, Rev. Julius Butler, and Rev. James Everett, Rev. (Dr.) Maurice B. Hayes, Rev. Edward Jones, Rev. Ronald Swain, and Rev. Perry B. Irby, in chronological order. The present sanctuary was built in 1982 on a site donated by Jason. W. Jones. The Gospel Choir was re-organized at that time and the Christian Education Department, Mass Choir, Bible Study Class, Youth Community Missionary Circles, New Members Orientation, and a Church Sports Program were added.

The present pastor of Mount Olive is Rev. Carl E. Brinkley, Jr. During his tenure the Missionary and Christian Education Departments have expanded with Singles, Couples and Seniors Ministries, a Tape Ministry and a summer reading program.