Marvin United Methodist Church

6470 NC Highway 87 South
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28306
(910) 484-8706

(Founded in 1873)

Marvin United Methodist Church was organized in 1873. A wood frame structure was built on land donated by James Marsh, a Baptist, and Neill McQueen, a Presbyterian. Each gave half the land, and the church was situated on the old property line of the two estates.

The church was named after Bishop Enoch Mather Marvin of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, who was born in 1823 and died in St. Louis, Missouri in 1877.

James Cain, a lay pastor, led the church from 1873 until 1880. It was in 1880 that the Methodist Conference took control of the church and property and sent Rev. C. M. Gentry to serve as pastor.

Over the years Marvin Church has grown from one church on a multi-point charge to a single station church. With the leadership of its present minister, the Rev. Curtis M. Mull Jr., Marvin United Methodist continues to do what it does best - bringing God’s Word to God’s People.