Local & State History

2nd floor, Headquarters Library
300 Maiden Lane
Fayetteville, NC 28301-5000
Email: lsh@cumberland.lib.nc.us
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Almost anything concerning North Carolina and Cumberland County, past or present, can be found in Local & State History Department. The department’s two collections, North Carolina Reference and Genealogy Reference, consist of books, maps, pamphlets, newspapers, census records, microfilm, and photographs.

Genealogy Resources

Unearth the truth about your family's past using with our “how-to" manuals for beginning genealogists.

Some of the tools you'll use are census indexes, bibliographies, and family histories. The Cumberland County Core Collection on microfilm contains court records, deeds, marriage bonds and other county records dating from the 18th century.

Federal Censuses (1790-1930) are available on microfilm for all North Carolina Counties.
In the 1870s the Southern Claims Commission reviewed the claims of Southerners - both African Americans and whites - who had furnished supplies for the U.S. Army and Navy during the Civil War. These documents are available on microfilm.

Current and back issues of genealogical society newsletters are housed here and are also useful for family history researchers.

Clipping Files

Newspaper articles, pamphlets, and other non-book materials of special interest are divided into three major sections: Cumberland County, Fayetteville, and North Carolina. Subjects within each section include history, biography, government, and other items. Many files contain materials that may not be found elsewhere. To see a list of the biography files, click here.

Magazines & Newspapers

More than 50 current North Carolina magazines, newsletters, and bulletins. including:
• Cumberland Chronicles
• Our State
• Popular Government
• North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal
• Business North Carolina
• Wildlife in North Carolina
• North Carolina Historical Review

• The Fayetteville Observer
• The News & Observer (Raleigh)
• The Carolina Times (weekly)
• Independent Weekly

Back Issues of Newspapers on microfilm:
• The Fayetteville Observer (1816 - )
• Raleigh's News & Observer (1979 - )
• Hope Mills' Cumberland County Outlook (1978 - 1983)
• Various Fayetteville newspapers dating back to the 18th century


• Modern maps of Cumberland County and the state of North Carolina
• Historical maps of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and North Carolina
• Department of Transportation maps for all 100 counties
• Geological Survey maps of Cumberland County and some North Carolina cities
• Garland Stout Historical maps with indexes for most counties in North Carolina

City Directories & Telephone Books

Fayetteville directories dating from 1906 and Fayetteville telephone books dating from the early 1950s provide a chronology of names of local people, business establishments and other places such as churches and schools.