Library Rules

Rules Governing the Use of the Library

The Board of Trustees of the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center has adopted the following policy that outlines the rules governing the use of the library. These rules were adopted in order to provide an atmosphere that is appropriate to library use. Use of the library is intended to be for reading, studying, writing, attending or hosting an organized meeting, or utilizing computers. Other use is not permitted.

Those engaged in inappropriate activities, including but not limited to those described below, will be warned. Continued failure to follow the rules will result in exclusion from the library for the day or for an extended period of time. The police will be called when customers refuse to leave the library after being asked to do so, or when people on library property are engaging in unlawful behavior.

The following actions, activities or behavior are prohibited on library property:

1. Engaging in disorderly conduct, committing a nuisance, such as repeatedly following or intimidating customers or staff, or otherwise unreasonably disturbing or offending library users or staff.

2. Abusive, vulgar, obscene, or loud language.

3. Intentionally damaging, destroying, or stealing any library property. (This is a crime)

4. Carrying weapons of any kind.

5. Bringing in of open food or beverage containers or consuming food. (Consuming beverages from covered or lidded containers is permitted).

6. Not wearing shoes or shirts while in the library.

7. Children seven (7) years of age and under without adult supervision.

8. Children fifteen (15) years of age and younger left on library property after closing.

9. Soliciting, selling, or distributing of leaflets. Posting of notices not authorized through the Community Relations Office.

10. Rearranging or soiling of library furniture or use of furniture outside its intended purpose.

11. Bringing into the library any animals except a service animal (i.e., an animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability) or animals used for library-sponsored events.

12. Extreme body odor or other strong or offensive smells which unreasonably disturb others.

13. Sleeping in the library.

14. Smoking or other uses of tobacco products on library property.

15. No bag can be over 24 inches in length. Large containers of any type, including but not limited to bedrolls, duffle bags, suitcases, or plastic bags larger than 13 gallons are prohibited. Customers with unauthorized items will be asked to remove them from the library. Personal property left unattended may be subject to removal at staff discretion.

16. Gambling.

17. Skateboarding, roller–blading, roller–skating, etc. on library property.

18. Failing to turn off or silence cell phones or other communication devices upon entering the library. Cell phone communication is allowed in the library if calls are kept as quiet as possible so they are not a nuisance to customers and staff.

19. Shaving, bathing or washing clothes in library rest rooms.

20. Groups of four or more congregating on library property, unless their purpose is associated with specific library use, e.g. attending a program. Groups will be asked to disperse if it is determined that their behavior is prohibiting or interfering with use of the library by other customers.