Library Rules

Rules Governing the Use of the Library

The Board of Trustees of the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center has adopted the following policy that outlines the rules governing the use of the library.

The objective of this policy is to ensure that the library provides each user a welcoming, pleasant and safe environment, conducive to reading, studying, seeking information, meeting friends, collaborating, and other appropriate uses. Children are invited to play in selected areas.

Library customers and staff have a right to assume that their time spent in the library will be free from threat, harassment, lewd or disruptive behavior.

Those engaged in inappropriate activities, including but not limited to those described below, will be warned in most circumstances. However, a customer may be asked to leave immediately. Repeated failure to follow the rules will result in exclusion from the library for the day or for an extended period of time. Law enforcement will be called when customers refuse to leave the library after being asked to do so, or when people on library property are engaging in unlawful behavior.

The following actions, activities or behavior are prohibited on library property:

1. Engaging in disorderly conduct, committing a nuisance, disruptive behavior of any kind, including following, staring at, or intimidating customers or staff, or otherwise unreasonably disturbing or offending library users or staff.

2. Cell phone communication is allowed in the library if calls are kept as quiet as possible so they are not a nuisance to customers and staff.

3. Intoxication, or the appearance of intoxication or incapacitation by drugs or alcohol resulting in disruptive behavior; alcohol or illegal drugs. Smoking, use of any electronic cigarette product, or other uses of tobacco products on library property.

4. Abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, or sustained loud conversation that arises above the ambient noise of the library.

5. Intentionally damaging, destroying or stealing any library property. (This is a crime)

6. Carrying weapons of any kind.

7. Bringing in of open food or beverage containers or consuming food. (Consuming beverages from covered or lidded containers is permitted).

8. Not wearing shoes or shirts while in the library.

9. Soliciting, selling or distributing of leaflets or any items. Posting of notices not authorized through the Library Administration office.

10. Monopolizing or soiling library space, furniture, electrical outlets or equipment to the exclusion of other customers or staff. Obstructing aisles, doorways or stairs.

11. Bringing in animals, other than service animals, to assist the disabled or animals used for library-sponsored events.

12. Extreme body odor or other strong or offensive smells which unreasonably disturb others.

13. Sleeping in the library.

14. No bag can be over 30 inches in length (a maximum of two bags {or container} of any type are allowed). Large containers of any type, including but not limited to bedrolls, duffle bags, suitcases, or plastic bags larger than 13 gallons are prohibited. Items deemed unsanitary by the library staff will not be permitted inside library buildings. Customers with unauthorized items will be asked to remove them from the library. Personal property left unattended may be subject to removal at staff discretion, the library shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage to such items.

15. Gambling in the library.

16. Skateboarding, roller–blading, roller–skating, etc. on library property.

17. Using library restrooms or water fountains for bathing, shaving or washing clothing. Loitering in the restrooms.

18. Groups of four or more congregating on library property, unless their purpose is associated with specific library use, e.g. attending a program. Groups will be asked to disperse if it is determined that their behavior is prohibiting or interfering with use of the library by other customers.

19. Entry into non-public areas except by invitation or approval of library personnel.

20. Failure to leave the library promptly at closing.

21. Failure to respond to requests from library staff members in regard to this policy.

Theft or damage of library materials is a crime and will result in arrest.

Trespassers will be arrested and prosecuted.

Rules Pertaining to Youth:
Use of the Children’s Department (including the teen area) is reserved for children, parents or guardians and adults interested in children’s literature.

Children seven (7) years of age and under must remain in the same area and within eyesight of the caregiver at all times.

Youth sixteen (16) years of age and younger may not be left on library property after closing. Attempts will be made to contact the parents or guardians. Staff will contact the Sheriff’s department if a responsible adult cannot be contact. Repeated incidents may result in a report to Department of Social Services.

Access to the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center by Sex Offenders Registered or Otherwise Required to Register Under North Carolina State Law
It is the policy of the Cumberland County Public Library & Information Center that any person registered (or required to register but has otherwise failed to do so) as a sex offender under the authority of the laws of the State of North Carolina shall not have access to those areas clearly designated for the use of minors at any public library facility. Therefore, said sex offender shall not enter any such area for any reason or under any circumstance, to include, but not be limited to, discharging or acquiring other persons, to deliver any item for any company or person, or to perform maintenance of any kind for any company to include Cumberland County, or for any other reason whatsoever.