Bluff Presbyterian Church

P.O. Box 96
Wade, North Carolina 28395-0096
(910) 484-7867

(Founded in 1758)

(Old Bluff Presbyterian Church)

Long before America’s proclamation of independence was heard, European settlers–mainly Scot Highlanders– took up residence in the Cape Fear River Valley. This bluff of land soon became a hallowed place where their fore-fathers would congregate to worship God, bury their dead, and converse with neighbors and strangers.

The Old Bluff Presbyterian Church was founded in 1758 by the Reverend James Campbell and is one of the oldest churches in the Upper Cape Fear Valley. For almost a century the religious services were conducted in the Gaelic language.

The first church completed was simple in design. It is constructed of hand-hewn timbers and put together with hand-made nails and wooden pegs. Inside you can view the pot-bellied stoves and unique gas light fixtures. A third sanctuary was completed in 1858. In 1974 Old Bluff was entered on National Register of Historic Places.

The Old Bluff Church is no longer an organized entity with the Presbyterian Church. It was the "mother" church of Bluff Presbyterian, Godwin Presbyterian, and McMillan Presbyterian Churches. The living successor of the "Old" Bluff Presbyterian Church is the Bluff Presbyterian Church of Wade. The Old Bluff Presbyterian Church Trust continues the maintenance and improvement of the building, grounds, and cemetery. All three churches have a joint service annually at the Old Bluff Presbyterian Church on the fourth Sunday in September.