Tabor United Methodist Church

Tabor Church Road
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
(910) 484-4274

(Founded in 1831)

Tabor United Methodist Church, originally called Terabinith Church, was built in Cedar Creek on the Cape Fear River in 1831. The Terabinith cemetery was located near the Cedar Creek Baptist Church on land which is currently owned by Mr. Red Johnson. In 1844 the Methodist Episcopal Church became split as a result of controversy over slavery. Mt. Tabor became a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South until 1939.

In 1880 Mr. & Mrs. Murdock Maxwell sold two acres of land to William McNatt, a trustee of Terabinith Methodist Church. The church, which at that time had only eighteen members and a circuit rider minister, became known as McNatt's Church. A Sunday School was organized in 1885. E. J. Edwards was assigned as the first regular pastor of McNatt's Church in 1888.

When all the McNatt's had moved or passed away, the church was renamed Mt. Tabor Methodist Church. The name "Tabor" pertains to tar, pitch and turpentine, which were the main industries in that area at the time. The church building is believed to be one of the oldest in the area to still be used regularly for worship services. The stained glass windows in Tabor United Methodist are from Gray's Chapel, which was consolidated with Mt. Tabor Church in 1923. A covered porch was added in1970, the Clarence Pugh Fellowship Hall was completed in 1977, and a steeple was added to the sanctuary in 1982.

Tabor United Methodist Church is presently 168 years old, has sixty-six members, and continues to serve the people of the community.