Saint Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church

522 Hillsboro Street
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
(910) 485-7794

(Founded in 1879)

Approximately a decade after the Civil War, a small band of devout people gathered regularly at the home of Mrs. Amanda Thomas, in southeast Fayetteville, for prayer, exhortation, comfort and charity. Dedicated to redemption, these devout people longed for a leader to minister unto them.

Bishop D.A. Payne, of the African Methodist Episcopal Church sent the Rev. J.E.C. Barham. In September 1879 Rev. Barham organized Saint Luke A.M.E. Church in McKeithan's Hall with thirty members. In 1881 the congregation purchased a lot for

$85.00 on Hay Street, next to where the Radisson Prince Charles Hotel now stands, and

the church was built.

The congregation worshiped in the church built on Hay Street until Rev. Adam Smith sold it in 1917. The church moved to a new building on Cashwell Street in 1818, where the congregation worshiped until 1978.

With the growth of the congregation more space was needed, so Rev. H. L. Ingram and the trustees purchased a plot of land on Hillsboro Street. There they built the Educational Center which opened in 1978. The congregation worshiped in the Educational Center until the completion of the new sanctuary on Hillsboro Street in 1980.

In May, 1990, Rev. Sheridan A. Knight was appointed pastor. Under his leadership Saint Luke A.M.E. Church has expanded its outreach to the community with projects such as the Hillsboro Street/A.M.E. Anvil After School Academy.