MacPherson Presbyterian Church

3525 Cliffdale Road
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303
(910) 867-2113

(Founded in 1800)

As far back as 1793, Angus McDiarmid was holding open-air services near the present site of MacPherson Church. By 1800 a building had been erected on five acres donated by Colin McPherson. In 1827, Fayetteville Presbytery had only seven preachers to service 39 churches. In 1854 McPherson asked to be dissolved; however, the Sunday School continued.

In 1867 former members reorganized McPherson. The Presbytery furnished supply ministers shared with two other churches. Despite the hard times of the Reconstruction Era and the depression of the late 1800's, women from nine Presbyterian churches formed a Mission Union in 1889, with Lizzie McPherson as vice-president.

Membership topped 100 in 1912. In the 1920's the name of the church gradually became "MacPherson" as two MacPherson wives urged the original Scot spelling.

In 1924 MacPherson women purchased a defunct one-room school. A new educational wing was dedicated in 1948. By 1960 the church had added a fellowship hall with additional classrooms and built a manse. The sanctuary was enlarged in 1982.

The first full-time pastor came in 1951. MacPherson helped start new churches in 1951, 1960 and 1987. MacPherson began partial support for a missionary in 1966. In 1979 the church adopted a Vietnamese refugee family and began actively supporting "Meals on Wheels." Since 1983 MacPherson has supported and participated in missionary work in Bangladesh, Haiti, Mexico and West Virginia as well as Africa and the Far East. MacPherson recently "adopted" a sister church in Oryel, Russia.