Galatia Presbyterian Church

8800 Galatia Church Road
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304-6116
(910) 867-0656

(Founded in 1825)

Galatia Presbyterian Church is located in the western section of Cumberland County in the Seventy-First Community. Early farm families gathered to worship in a shelter or brush arbor in the late 1700's and early 1800's. According to the early records of the presbyterian church it was in 1825 that Galatia Presbyterian Church was organized. The first structure was built with volunteer labor in 1825 near the present church with lumber from the native pine forests. Early ministers preached two sermons, one in English and one in Gaelic, the native language of these families from the Highlands of Scotland.

During the civil war valuable church records were destroyed. The elders and descendants of elders provided the necessary names, dates, and events when Rev. R. A. McLeod prepared the historical sketch of Galatia Presbyterian Church on the 100th anniversary in 1925.

The enterprising Scottish folks held "Ingatherings" during the great depression to raise funds to meet the budget. Ladies sold quilts, spreads, cakes and anything else that would sell to raise funds.

In 1966, the Galatia Presbyterian Church was honored by the North Carolina State Grange as "The Rural Church of the Year". On the fourth Sunday in October of 1999, Galatia will celebrate its 174th Homecoming.